Short Fiction: Nirala – The Planet

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Very little information about Nirala actually exists. Most human databases have access to exactly two books. One of them is a ponderous masterwork written by a man who heard a lot of stories and decided to compile them without ever actually stepping foot off Mars.

The other is actually good.

Here’s an excerpt.

Nirala: The Planet

From Niralans: An Overview, by Makkarah Tomorah (Atalanta University Press, 2350).

Nirala is one of the five moons of Viida, a terrestrial planet in the binary Porie system. It is the only moon that does not orbit Viida, but follows it along a similar orbital path around the binary stars at a distance of approximately 350,000 km.

Nirala is largely a frozen planet, with no liquid water at its surface. The equatorial regions are temperate, but the climate becomes rapidly colder toward the poles. Tectonic activity provides numerous sites of geothermal energy. A mantle of tetrahedral quartz covers the planet.

The moon makes one complete rotation around its central axis every 32.3 Earth hours and one complete revolution around its binary star every 3.79 Earth years.

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