A Modest Proposal for Solving America’s Gun Problem by Constitutional Means

I am a salty ex-lawyer who did much of my practicing of law in criminal defense. Does it show?

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While I’ve always been sympathetic to the “let’s require gun insurance like we do auto insurance” idea, the fact is that the two aren’t equivalent in one material way: Firearms are a Constitutional right. Cars are not. Fortunately, there’s another, analogous system for simultaneously assuring and limiting a Constitutional right: the public defender system.

Therefore, I propose:

1. Require gun manufacturers, distributors, and/or resellers to include the purchase price of insurance in the purchase price of every gun. The gun and the policy are a package deal; to buy one, you must buy (and pay for) the other.

2. Allow people to buy guns at whatever price the market sets to adequately address the risk posed by a machine designed and purposed to kill things.

3. For those who cannot afford a gun via this market, institute a system through which they may apply to the government for a free or affordable gun.

4. ‎Like the public defender system, the public firearms system should be chronically underfunded, treated with total contempt, and administered on a state by state or county by county basis.

5. ‎Like qualifying for a lawyer under the public defender system, qualifying for a gun through the public firearms system should be based on arbitrary criteria with punitive results. Can you afford a car, Uber, or bus ticket to the public firearms office to fill out the form? Sorry, you have too much money to qualify for a gun. Buy one privately, and if you can’t, there’s always some pro bono pepper spray.

6. ‎If you do qualify for a public firearms system gun, you will need to apply for ammunition separately. Sorry, but the public ammunitions system is a separate office, and they have a three-year waiting list.

7. Make the public ammunitions system the only legal source of ammunition. Run it as a public corporation like Amtrak or the U.S. Postal Service and subject it to the same onerous self-funding measures, ongoing battle for support, and general contempt. Better yet, simply turn over public ammunition regulation to Amtrak or the U.S. Postal Service – for no additional funding.

8. ‎ Start a federal War on Ammo.

Starving the public defender system has worked marvelously to deny justice. Let’s use it to deny firearms, too.

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