Short Fiction: Dossier

Part 6 of The Ambassador has been released into the wild. You can catch one of your own by clicking the expanded universe button at the top of the home page.

If you’ve been reading along, you’ve noticed that Mazereth is very attached to intelligence-gathering – and very good at hacking computer systems to get it.

She’s not the only one, however.


—————-SECURE CHANNEL——————-

To: Koa Nantais, Ambassador
From: Anev Nahara

Re: Who is Aqharan Mazereth?

Here is what we know:

Aqharan Mazereth is the only child and putative heir to Aqharan Bereth, current head of the United Governments of Riyal (see my previous transmission). Her mother’s identity is unknown and may not exist.

Educated in elite schools on Reven, she spent her early adulthood working for various Reveni businesses before becoming CEO of Amalgamated Logistics in 2369, making her the only non-human to lead a Kuiper corp.

Like everyone connected with the UGR, she speaks several dozen languages, including the most common registered languages: Earth Standard, Alash Kan, Devori, and **iShsH**tyng. She is conversationally competent in Niralanes and appears to read both it and Eikore’es fluently.

She reads prolifically with a particular interest in military history, interspecies psychology, science fiction, and French cooking. In addition, she is an excellent swimmer with an extensive history of competitive titles and remains her university’s record holder in the 100-meter freestyle, 100-meter breaststroke, and the 400-meter IM.

Here’s what they don’t know we know:

Aqharan Mazereth was trained at Poapor, where she gained an early reputation as an unusually efficient and ruthless interrogator—a reputation her father has done his utmost not only to uphold, but to give her opportunities to develop. She is a superlative liar; even I feel I could learn something from her. Her eye for microexpressions is keen and does not discriminate among species; expect her to read you well even if you never touch her.

Do not touch her.

Despite these traits or perhaps because of them, she’s a poor negotiator, lacking a skill set to keep communication lines open if charm or manipulation do not work.

She is dangerously charismatic. She is also unpredictable, but she cannot always control her own unpredictability, instead relying on her charm and skill at deception to work her way out of any potentially compromising situation her unsettled psyche might land her in. Ordinarily charming, if somewhat cagey, she has moments in which she seems genuinely compassionate, even empathetic; moments that seem to trouble her, for she goes to great lengths to dispel them and to convince onlookers they didn’t happen. It’s as if someone (her father, perhaps?) is always looking over her shoulder and finding her wanting.

I believe she has been broken once and that she can be broken again, but that doing so might result in no one who can be constructively rebuilt. If you decide to go this route, proceed with care. She also has an acute phobia of enclosed spaces, which might provide an alternative means to gain useful compliance.

Isshai Nirala.

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