Short Fiction: From the Desk of the Ambassador

Readers of The Ambassador are already asking about the questionable circumstances surrounding Ambassador Rion Nereved’s death.

I’ll let Koa’s correspondence clear things up.

From the Desk of the Ambassador

To: Ora Netente, Hamaron Senarie
From: Koa Nantais, Ambassador

Re: Rion Nereved

The Ambassador is dead.

Rion Nereved suffered total respiratory failure at about 22:10 last night, S6/Earth Standard Time. The autopsy suggests the cause of death was the disease that has been killing her for the past twenty years. There was no indication it had any outside force as an accomplice.

She was alert and oriented until approximately an hour before her death, at which time she fell asleep. Approximately two hours before her death, she transferred the access codes to her personal files to me—along with everything she knew about the negotiations currently taking place on S6.

She also instructed me to inform you of her actions by means of the following sentence: “Who’s the Ambassador now, bitches?”

Contrary to my training, I hesitated to follow this final order. But I believe the basic moral decency of following my dorie’s final command outweighs any trivial personal distaste I have for the message itself. If it helps, I did find considerable damage to her prefrontal cortex during the autopsy.

I will complete the assignment as ordered.

Koa Nantais
The Ambassador


To: Jiya Nantais, the Meitner
From: Koa Nantais, Ambassador

Re: developments

Rion Nereved is dead. I am the Ambassador.

I have seen her files, and they confirm the speculations you forwarded me from Nahara. DO NOT RETURN TO NIRALA.

We will speak further as events warrant.


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