News, Thanks, and a Short Memo

First, a huge THANK YOU to my most recent Ko-Fi supporters:

  • Cobalt
  • Erica Rampelberg
  • Caitlin
  • Anon

Your contribution to my coffee fund is forever appreciated.

In related news, Part 4 of The Ambassador is in the (digital) mail! If you want future parts and a link to previous parts, click ye button above.

Here’s a short fic from the universe of The Ambassador. Subscribers will recognize it immediately. 😉


To: Ora Netente, Hamaron Senarie
From: Koa Nantais, Office of the Ambassador

Re: The S6 Situation

We are in receipt of your transmission. The Ambassador’s response is, and I quote, “Tell that stuffed shirt to go fuck herself.”

It is my medical opinion that this outburst was occasioned by the current state of her disease, combined with the effects of having spent excessive time in the Kuiper Belt. (This would explain both the general content of the message and its particular expression in a pair of incomprehensible Earth Standard “metaphors.”)

Despite this, and to everyone’s surprise including my own, I consider the Ambassador competent to perform her duties as requested in your transmission. She may hate the senarie, but she likes the Riyali even less. She remains well-oriented to time, place, and hamaya, and her grasp of the political situation in registered space continues to astonish us all.

There is the minor matter of keeping her alive long enough to complete negotiations, but I’m assured that the chief medical officer on S6 is well-equipped to help me with that. I acquired his personnel file from Interstellar Science: top of his class, impressive list of publications, some rumors that he’s genetically enhanced but who among the human elite isn’t these days? By human standards, extremely beautiful. (I knew you’d appreciate that detail. I did.)

I will continue filing updates as requested.

PS: Is it true Aqharan Bereth is sending his kid to this thing instead of coming himself? I’m surprised that asshole managed to reproduce.

PPS: Forgive me. I too have spent too much time in the Kuiper Belt.


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