No More Buckets Full of Crabs

If you’ve never been involved in the autistic activist community, you might not realize just what a bunch of crabs in a bucket it is.

I say that having been one of the crabs in the bucket. I’m not proud of that, but it’s true. For nearly ten years I did my best to be helpful, to advance the conversation, and to do what we all claimed to be there to do. And I tried, not always successfully, not to pull down any other crabs along the way.

The other crabs have not returned the same courtesy.

I’m not interested in rehashing the drama that triggered (“triggered” used deliberately) my decision to quit autistic activism. Questions about it, or demands that I discuss it, will be summarily deleted.

I am interested in noting how the experience has utterly changed my personal values. From now on, rule number one is that I will not retraumatize myself for anyone else’s benefit. Ever. I’m done trying to get along, to be liked, to make a difference at any cost.

It’s also changed how I view my work. The crabs who yanked me off the side of the bucket yesterday were also overwhelmingly people who do not buy my books, who don’t share social media posts and news about them, who don’t leave reviews, and who tend to think they’re entitled to have their work published by autistic publishers when they don’t support autistic authors. And I realized, yesterday, just how many people in the autistic activist community fit that description.

If you’re one of them, I don’t write for you anymore.

If you’re not – if you’re here to discuss, to share, to advance the conversation, to support – I do still write for you. But that writing is going to look different from now on.

In the process of realigning my entire life away from the last ten years of my work, I’m streamlining my online output. I’ll be shutting down my other blogs and reblogging the best work from them here. Everything on my Patreon will eventually be free to read here as it gets reblogged as well.

My public Facebook page will still have links to new work, interviews, and so on, as well as cool stuff I find from other writers that I want to share. My Twitter will be a LOT of sharing from other writers and all the transient thoughts that aren’t long enough for a blog post.

Crab in bucket antics in any social media channel I control will be dealt with swiftly and without humor.

I’ll probably have more thoughts on publishing and entitlement as I continue to process. For now, expect a lot of new-old stuff mixed in with the new-new stuff…and a more consistent blogging schedule as a result. (Yay?)

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  1. Solidarity.

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