An Incomplete List of Ways I’ve Been Trying to Get Better at Writing

Quite a Few Of Which Overlapped With Me Being Very, Very Sick For Like a Week and a Half (Still Happening)

1.  Creating opportunities to lie and then lying.

Chief enabler: Facebook memes. Memes asking me to lie. Memes offering bad advice. AMA memes. That weird FB “getting to know you” feature. Lying every chance I get.

Success Rate: Entertaining.

2.  Failing intentionally at journaling.

See: This series (updates Saturdays) in which I take 200+ “separate” writing prompts and turn them into one narrative, because the cover says Complete the Story, singular, not Complete the Stories, plural.

Success Rate: Millennials killed it.

3.  Reading three things at once except when reading nothing at all.

Currently: Yoon Ha Lee’s Raven Strategem, Ida M. Tarbell’s History of the Standard Oil Company, various manuscripts. Except when I am reading none of them in favor of bingeing Twin Peaks and playing yet another character build in Fallout 4.

Success Rate: John D. Rockefeller killed Laura.

4. Building tiny dollhouse furniture.

It’s so wee!

Success Rate: Houses the size of my ability to buy a house.

5.  Yelling at sheet music.

Look, Leonard. “Let’s make the clarinet do things it cannot do” was cute when Mozart tried it. Now it’s just tired. Also, next time you want to write for wind instrument, maybe pick one that has even harmonics.


Success Rate: Yelling at corpses.

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