GIVEAWAY (Not of Kittens)

Do you want AUTOGRAPHED BOOKS? You know you do.

Nantais is $2.99 on Kindle this month, AND you can win free autographed books! Here’s how to enter:

  • Buy the Kindle version. Read it.
  • Leave a review on Amazon. Make a screenshot of said review.
  • Post screenshot in comments here.

At the end of the month, I’ll choose a winner via random number generator. Winner gets an autographed copy of either Nantais or Spoon Knife 2: Test Chamber (which contains the prequel short story “Scene from a Barbershop” and which I also edited under my human alias), your choice.

Unrelated: I’ve been informed that the newsletter signup page makes you verify you are a human.  I apologize deeply. Had I known MailChimp was going to discriminate against most of my readership, I would have chosen another email service.

Consider this my permission to lie and say you are a human even if you are not. I will not hold it against you.

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6 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY (Not of Kittens)

  1. I can’t see how to attach a screenshot. But here’s a permalink to my review:


    1. Verity Reynolds January 4, 2018 — 9:40 pm

      Permalinks are good too! Thanks!


  2. A couple of weeks ago I received a paper copy that I purchased from AutPress’ website, but I hadn’t written a review yet. I’m hoping that this will still count for the giveaway despite it being for the paper copy and not the kindle version, but I understand if it doesn’t.

    At the very least you reminded me to write a review today & I consider that to be a win regardless 🙂


    1. This appears to be a more direct link. It’s the only review right now, so it’s difficult to tell:


    2. Verity Reynolds January 5, 2018 — 7:11 pm

      It counts. And thanks for the review!

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  3. I want kittens
    Joking, nice article by the way!


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