That Time Patreon Took Us All On a Wild Ride and Half of Us Fell Out

Happy Second Day of Hanukkah: Patreon isn’t changing its fee structure.

The recently-announced-but-now-rescinded change was…unpopular, to say the least.

The tl;dr version: Patreon decided to “stabilize creator payouts” by implementing a mildly Byzantine new fee structure in which PayPal and Stripe transaction fees were charged to patrons individually, rather than being charged on the entire batch of patron payments received by the creator. This was touted to creators as a raise – a flat 95% of their patrons’ contributions would land in their pockets, instead of a variable amount that was usually somewhere in the 92 percents.


Under this new plan, patrons ended up getting charged more for supporting creators on Patreon, especially if the patrons were contributing small amounts – like $1 per month/creation. Also? That “more” wasn’t just transaction fees – it was split between transaction fees and Patreon itself.

This caused some controversy, to put it mildly.

Patreon issued an apology that borders on groveling (at the first link) this morning, announcing the company won’t implement the new changes and that it will actually talk to creators and patrons going forward, instead of just assuming it can guess what they want.

Meanwhile, a lot of Patreon creators have wondered whether or not to keep using Patreon. I’m one of them. And even though Patreon has reversed its decision, I’ve concluded that it’s time for me to step away from the platform.

I like Patreon. I love my patrons. But the fact is, I can do more for all of you from here than I can simultaneously blogging and Patreon-ing. And I’d rather do less work and make it better than do more work and make it crap.

(Y’all do want Book 2 not to be crap, right?)

So my patrons get what they paid for this month, I’ll be waiting till the end of December to deactivate my Patreon. Meanwhile….

For Access to Awesome Patrons-Only Stuff: Sign up here.

You’ll get a bonus short story immediately, and I’ll be releasing both past and new exclusive stories and essays in the monthly newsletter.

If you still want to support awesome stuff: Buy me a coffee.

Also, keep an eye on my author page – I’ll be turning some of the short fiction on Patreon into full-fledged e-novellas.

If you still want access to awesome free stuff, books, and/or swag: Keep watching this space.

I’ll be moving the public content from the Patreon over here in the next few months, and doing giveaways starting in 2018.

Thanks for making this journey with me. I couldn’t do it without you. (And even if I could, what would be the point?)


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